Can I restore my rank level back to where it was before a hacked Modern Warfare 2 server changed it?

I ended up in a hacked server. One of the hacks was – if you die by your own hand (such as falling off a skyscraper in my case) your rank (at your current prestige level) becomes 70.

While this is advantagous in that it partially unlocked things I wanted (ninja pro, claymores) so that I could earn them. It means that a) I’m not earning xp as I play and b) I am level 70 without things fully unlocked.

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  • (When I refer to ‘partially’ and ‘fully’ I mean that a partially unlocked thing means I still have to complete a challenge to get it, but it is ‘unlocked’ for my level. Fully unlocked means I have it. I can use it)

    Is there a way to restore my account back to where it was (about level 15 third prestige)

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    There is just one thing…if you are running on OS that back-ups your files you can roll-back to a date prior to the hacked lobby.

    My account was hacked too, i tried everything on the steam forums and the only thing that did work was going back to level 1, no prestige. Unfortunately i ticked off back-up.

    I’m sorry that you had to work on your 3rd prestige and be hacked.

    EDIT: if you want to try something look at the solutions posted here:

    I’ve tried most of them but as i said they didn’t work out, except the one where i could go back to level 1 without reinstalling my copy of MW2.

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