Can I influence my Steam region?

There’s an Unreal pack available on Steam – but not in my region (Germany) probably due to Germany’s laws against graphical violence for minors. I had the idea to ask a friend in the USA to register an account for me, buy the game, then give me the password and I log in from my home.

Will I be able to download games which have previously been bought with my account even if they’re not offered for sale in the region that I’m currently in?

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    Your intent may be different, but I’ll give you the same answer as on the suspected duplicate:

    Ask your friend to buy the game for you and give it to you as a gift. (If he doesn’t have an account yet, he should register with his actual location and, most importantly, his credit card/Paypal account.)

    That has always worked for me so far, although I haven’t tried with Unreal in particular.

    Valve can (and has) locked out games attached to peoples Steam accounts that are from a different region than the one they live in.

    This was a big deal with the Orange Box first launched.

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