Can I hook my Wii up to an HDMI or DVI monitor?

I have a 15″ TV and a 24″ HD LCD flat screen monitor. I have a Wii, which is currently hooked up to the smaller TV.

Is there anything I can do to play my wii on the flatscreen? The monitor is HDMI and DVI-compatible.

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  • And yes, I realize that I won’t get HD graphics from the Wii. I just want the larger screen.

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    You can do it, but it’s not terribly cheap. You need something like this:

    The plug in the first answer won’t get you there; it’s for specific video cards that are capable of putting out component analog signals on particular pins on the DVI connector. You can’t turn component video into DVI or HDMI with a passive adapter, since you have to convert the image from analog to digital.

    Edit: if your monitor takes only digital and won’t take analog VGA on some of the DVI pins, I don’t think the Wii -> VGA -> DVI adapter route is going to help you either. There are VGA -> DVI converter boxes like the one above that take in analog VGA and put out digital DVI, but the ones I know of are super-expensive since they can handle much higher resolutions than your Wii’s going to put out.

    There are currently two Wii->HDMI adapters:

    Neoya Wii2HDMI:

    Vdigi VD-W3:

    There are also a “generic” Component->HDMI adapter like this one:

    The Wii2HDMI is IMO the best option. It’s much smaller than the other options, and it does not require any external power supply. I already own one, and can vouch it works perfectly.

    Important: The Wii2HDMI does not perform any upscaling of the signal, so your monitor/TV will be receiving a 480i/480p signal, and not all support these. Remember to check this before making your purchase.

    I don’t think there’s a Wii to HDMI adaptor, but I do know of a Wii to VGA adaptor

    That should get you up and running for video at least. You’ll need to find a way to run the audio into your speakers (But an RCA to 1/8″ in adaptor will get you there)


    Sorry misread your post, but you can use the cable listed above, and a VGA to DVI adaptor (which usually comes with video cards, or can be picked up for a couple of bucks.)

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