Can I get back to Skyrim from Sovngarde?

I’m at Sovngarde, I’ve used all my healing potions and I can not defeat the guy who’s gaurding the bridge. Is there anyway to go back to skyrim and buy potions? Is there any other way I can get potions? Or, Can I summon a dragon in Sovngarde?

I’m level 25 magicka is 140 health is 200 but +30 since I’m hearing a necklace of health and 200 stamina if it helps

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    When in Skuldafn:

    The portal to Sovngarde is the only exit from Skuldafn and fast travel is not possible. [source]

    So even if you could exit Sovngarde back, you would not be able to reach skyrim.

    Your best option at this point is probably to load an older saved game, before going to Skuldafn.

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