Can I configure a Redstone Energy Cell to emit a redstone signal if it is full?

I have Magmatic Engines powering a Redstone Energy Cell. Is there a way to configure the cell to emit a redstone signal once it’s full, so I can use said signal to rurn off my engines so they dont waste lava?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Can I configure a Redstone Energy Cell to emit a redstone signal if it is full?”

    After some testing you can. For this you will need:

    • Cobblestone Structure Pipe
    • Gate

    Put the Pipe next to the Energy Cell and place the Gate on it. Right click on the Gate and choose Full Energy = Redstone Signal. Lead Redstone to the engine. Make sure it has redstone control on it. Here’s some screen shots. To Cell wasn’t full thus no redstone signal thus the engine could run goodluck.


    Gate Conditionals

    Redstone Control

    In later versions of Minecraft and Thermal Expansion, Energy Cells work with the standard Redstone Comparator. Put down a Comparator next to an Energy Cell, with the comparator pointing away from the cell, and it will emit a redstone signal level (~ 0-15) proportional to how full the cell is.

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