Can I complete the quest “Paarthurnax” after the main quest?

The Blades gave me the Paarthurnax quest, but I decided to hold off until I finished the main quest line:

Once Alduin is defeated, it seems that Paarthurnax took over or something, he has flown away. I can’t find him anywhere.

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    Fast travel around a bit and then back to the Throat of the World, he should be hangin out on top of the dragon wall eventually ready to get stabbed.

    Yeah, you can still kill Paarthurnax after the main quest in completed. In my game it is the only way to make Graybeards appear again, as after the main quest they vanished from the world… Well, just leave Throat of the World and return after few hours. The dragon will be there, as usual, to chat him up for a blessing or slay him.

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