Can a Support class soldier have a total of 8 medikit uses?

Can a support use 8 medikit heals when s/he has the Tactical Rigging foundry project (carry two items), the Deep Pockets skill (one extra use for consumable items) and the Field Medic skill (allows medikits to be used three times per battle)?

Or is the Field Medic skill ignored on the second item slot?

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    Short answer: No

    There is a 1-medikit limit per soldier (thanks ken). Medikits, chitin plating, mind shields, nano-fiber vests, scopes, reaper rounds, and respirator implants are all limited to one-per-soldier.

    enter image description here

    Those restrictions were present in EU, too, when Deep Pockets meant only the Supports could have two items – and back then, it was a single 3-heal medikit and any other item.

    However, I can confirm that Training Roulette can be fun – Deep Pockets stacks with Grenadier (each pile of grenades is 3 deep). And you can equip two grenades, for a total of 6, each doing extra damage.

    Final answer: Deep Pockets stacks with Field Medic (4 uses per medikit), but that’s it. No synergy with Tactical Rigging.

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