Borderlands Mac OS X version play online with Windows version?

I’m unable to find this information specified somewhere.

Basically, the Borderlands version purchaseable through the Mac App Store, can it play with Borderlands installations running on Windows, ie. co-op, etc.?

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  • Or can Mac version only play with Mac, and same for Windows version?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Borderlands Mac OS X version play online with Windows version?”


    1. Install GameRanger
    2. Join a room together in GameRanger.
    3. You host the game, and make sure you check the box for “Allow late joiners”
      When you start the game, it should launch Borderlands, and your game should jump right to a hosting mode where GameRanger starts up a LAN game. Meanwhile, your friend’s game will launch. If they get stuck at the start screen instead of joining you automatically, have them close Borderlands and then launch it again from within Steam.

    GameRanger basically sets up a VPN connection between the parties involved, then connects the players via the LAN Game function. So it can be pretty tricky to get working with various routers, ports, firewalls, etc.


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