Bioshock has no sound in Windows 7

I just bought a new PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Everything is peachy except Bioshock: it has no sound after the game starts.

I’ve searched on Google but can’t find a definitive answer; or else the definitive answer doesn’t work.

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  • I tried changing the configuration file to use a different sound output system.

    I tried using compatibility mode.

    Nothing seems to work. The game worked well for me on Vista.

    Any suggestions?

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  • 6 Solutions collect form web for “Bioshock has no sound in Windows 7”

    Try enabling the so-called “Stereo mixing”:


    To do this, browse to Start > Control
    Panel > Sound (in classic view). Once
    done switch to the Recording tab which
    will show the currently active inputs
    on your system (e.g. Line in,
    Microphone). Right click in the clear
    space below these devices and select
    the option for Show disabled devices.

    This should show an additional device
    called Stereo Mixing, right click on
    this device and select Enable.

    I have been correctly been able to run Bioshock on windows 7 platform. I too had the same problem when I had installed it. No sound. Well I tried the following steps in that order and it worked for me:

    Step 1. Just run the Direct X installer that came along with the DVD. I know, we all probably have a later version already installed but for some games this step actually does work. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know.

    Step 2. Update to patch 1.1.

    Step 3. Use a no-dvd crack. Since I have a laptop I usually prefer not to use the dvd drive to much unless there is no other option. Well the game ran with this so I didn’t make any further changes.

    Let me know if it works out for you.

    I got it working by plugging in an extension cable into the front mic port on my case. My soundcard detected that the mic was present. After that the sound works. I have no friggin’ idea why this might affect anything. I would still like someone to post a better solution though.

    Plugging in a microphone into the front port has worked for me as well. Windows 7 64 bit system. Had no sound before plugging in the microphone, but now it works with microphone plugged in. Try it!

    I had my HDMI plugged into my TV, and I guess the two audio outputs started competing. You need to right click audio manager, and then go click on audio devices. Once there you should make sure only one is enabled. This fixed my issue.

    Adding an alternative that worked for me as the other answers don’t quite work that good (for me):

    • Enabling Stereo Mixing makes sound from my other programs and games sound weird (unclear and has echo).
    • I’d rather not plug in a mic just for BioShock.

    What worked for me was: in BioShock.exe‘s Properties > Compatibility tab, is to set it to ‘Windows XP’ compatibility mode. I also set it to run as an administrator but I’m not sure if it helps (I’ve had it enabled from the start):

    enter image description here


    • Like OP, I am also using Windows 7, 64-bit.
    • Setting it to ‘Windows Vista’ compatibility mode doesn’t work for me.
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