Backing up a Clash of Clans account on iPad without the game center

I use the same apple ID across an iPhone and an iPad, but play a separate Clash of Clans account.

The first account, my iPhone, is registered on the game center.

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  • On the iPad, I did not activate the game center, in order to prevent it synching data from my iPhone.

    Unfortunately, I have run into a problem with the iPad, and I need to perform a system restore. In the process, I will naturally loose all my application data.

    Is there any way to keep my second Clash of Clans account backed up? Or am I doomed to loose my progress with the factory reset?

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    You could try logging in with you’re Google account. If you downloaded the app from the Google Play store than you have an account. But mostly everybody has one now-days. When you log into Google on your CoC game it will automatically save you’re progress unless you already have another village saved on the account, then you’d have to register a new account.

    What is always handy is to contact the help team on CoC, they normally answer within a week at most, and are up for a bit of banter also 😉

    You could try to create a new Apple ID, and log in with that on the iPad GameCenter. Then see if the current game on the iPad will connect automatically to the new Apple ID.

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