Are treasures used as crafting components?

I’m a bit tight on gil at the moment, but I want to buy all cooking ingredients I come across so Ignis can unlock as many recipes as possible.

I do have quite a few valuables in the Treasures tab of my Inventory. However, I’m always wary about selling everything, because in some games, “treasures” can be used as crafting ingredients for things. I’d hate to sell something for 50 gil and then find out it’s required to upgrade my spear and be forced to go back and get it again.

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  • That said, is it okay to sell all of my Treasures in FFXV? Or are there some used as crafting components? If so, what are they, so I can hang onto them?

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    There are, in fact, certain treasures that are used in quests or to upgrade weapons (also considered quests).

    I found a list of all of these “Don’t sell” treasures in the game here:

    • Barbed Scythe
    • Cactuar Needle
    • Coeurl Whiskers
    • Cylinder
    • Dynamo
    • Earth Gemstone
    • Glass Gemstone
    • Magitek Core
    • Magnetron
    • Metal Scrap
    • Monster Claw
    • Repair Kit
    • Rusted Bits
    • Sky Gemstone
    • Spiked Armor
    • Sturdy Helixhorn

    Thus, it looks like all other treasures are able to be sold without worry.

    Any treasures, cooking reagents and medicine can be used to add effect to spells during spells creation (such as different debuffs, up to 5x chained spells, benefits like experience etc). Each of many treasures provides certain effect. More of that, the more expensive treasure is – the more powerful effect it will add to spell. In this terms – there are no useless items in game.

    According to comments in this thread, treasures can be used in conjunction with elements to modify spells and some treasures are used to upgrade weapons.

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