Are there concrete class roles in Diablo 3?

In some games, notably MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, each character build has a specific role in PvE situations like dungeons and raids.

The developers have said that—at higher difficulties—players in a party can spend up to an hour wiping to a single boss. This made me wonder if there will be concrete class roles like there are in other RPGs; for example, a barbarian using a specific set of abilities or gear would necessarily have to take the role of the “tank”.

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  • Is this how it works in Diablo 3, or are class roles more fluid? More to the point, can any build fit the “healer”, “tank”, or “DPS” roles with minimal effort?

    Also, is there any room for Crazy/Viable Builds ?
    This Last question is answered on the Video posted in the answer bellow.

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