Are there any differences between Skyrim & Skyrim: Special Edition?

What are the major differences between Skyrim and Skyrim: Special Edition? I’m looking to understand all of the signficant changes between Skyrim and Skyrim: SE; not just whether or not a few quests have been changed or not.

Specifically looking for:

  • What is an effective way to level smithing?
  • What quest triggers the random dragon attacks?
  • Do you lose subscriptions to (and files of) mods if it went from free to paid?
  • Is it possible to remove stolen status from stolen items?
  • How often do merchants replenish their gold supply?
  • Is it possible to complete “Pieces of the Past” after killing everyone in Dawnstar?
    • Graphical improvements?
    • Gameplay improvements?
    • Performance improvements?
    • Mechanic impromvements?
    • Modding improvements?

  • Does a lack of specialization lead to an under-powered character?
  • Is there a portable container in Skyrim?
  • Can I get back to Skyrim from Sovngarde?
  • When are follower levels determined?
  • How can I find or recall my horse?
  • Why can't I defeat Paarthurnax?
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    • Save games are now sorted by character, Fallout 4-esque


    • Supports 64-bit render targets by switching from 32-bit to 64-bit
    • Options to enable God Rays, Snow Shaders, Lens Flares
    • Supports Direct X 11


    • Console versions now fully support Mods
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