Are heal on hit also applied on dot effects?

In Diablo 3, I wonder if my life on hit also heals me on DOT effects. More specifically, I have a Barbarian with a certain amount of heal per hit. If I were to use the Rend spell (AOE DOT around me), would every damage tick, heal me for the full amount which is displayed in character details screen?

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    DOTs return the life per hit amount ONLY on the initial hit, if we take rend here as an example, you gain your Life per Hit x the Proc coefficient(I’ll come later to that) per enemy hit with the initial use of Rend.

    If you use a rune which makes a DOT spread, like Bloodbath in the Rend example, you again gain the Life per Hit x Proc Coefficient per enemy spreaded to.

    You don’t gain the Life if you Hit enemies who are immune to damage (shielding).

    Proc coefficients for all abilities are listed HERE

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