Are bosses guaranteed to drop two yellow items the first time I kill them on normal?

A comment here suggests that

Whenever you kill a boss for the first time (on normal difficulty
only), it is guaranteed to drop at least 2 rares: One general rare and
one specifically suited for your class

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    I’m fairly sure I didn’t get anything but blues the first two times I killed the Skeleton King (although my friends got yellows), however the Spider Queen, the Butcher, and Maghda all dropped me two yellows. I can’t remember if one was class-specific in all cases, however it was true in at least some cases.

    Edit: I’ve verified that the Skeleton King does not always drop two yellow items, and am trying to determine if A) this quote is correct, incorrect, or partially incorrect and B) if correct or partially correct, does this only apply to end-of-act bosses?

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    It’s true… sort of.

    The rare drop rate is substantially higher for first time kills of major bosses on normal mode, but it isn’t necessarily two drops guaranteed – the specific bonus and which bosses it applies to hasn’t been laid out explicitly. For what confirmation does exist, see this post by Bashlok:

    The bonus to drops for first-time boss kills only exists in Normal difficulty.

    Whether the ‘bonus to drops’ is ‘guaranteed class-specific yellow’, or simply ‘twenty percent increase to the chance to drop’ is unclear, and without a very large data set or some (very unlikely) additional candor on the matter from Blizzard, it’s difficult to say. Anecdotally, people seem to be citing the ‘2 rares, one for your class’ fairly widely, and I’m yet to personally have any experiences that contradict that – at least on major bosses. If I had to guess, I’d wager the Skeleton King doesn’t qualify as one however.

    I am not sure Skeleton King is considered a “boss”, in fact it does not appear in Highest Progress. The Butcher is the first boss and it should indeed drop at least 1 rare (yellow) item.

    enter image description here


    Anecdotal evidence, but I’ve been playing through with a pair of other players, and we just got to the skeleton king last night. I (as monk) got a rare demon hunter crossbow and boots. The wizard got a rare sword, and the witch doctor got all blues.

    I didn’t get any rares from Skeleton King with both of my first characters. So at least he isn’t counted as a “boss” in that way. I did get rares from the Butcher with both, but not enough testing yet to confirm a pattern. 🙂

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