After migrating account with Mojang, where are my new/current saves?

Recently I migrated my account on
I had two worlds/saves before migration called ‘Exile’ and ‘TEST world’.

A little after I migrated, I deleted ‘Exile’ and ‘TEST world’, and started a new world/save called ‘Village on the Green’.
Today, I went in my saves to check out my files for ADMIST related purposes.
‘Village on the Green’ wasn’t in the saves, but my old maps ‘Exile’ and ‘TEST’ world were, even though I had deleted them.

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  • I don’t care about the latter, I think I get whats going on there. The problem is that since migration, I cannot find my current worlds/saves.

    Where are they at? Is there still local content for my current worlds in a file somewhere, or does Mojang hold onto all of the data now?

    4/4/2013 EDIT: Most likely location conflict.

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    The account migration process does not change where your Minecraft saves are kept; whatever this problem is, it is unrelated.

    I noticed you mentioned bin. Saves are not kept in .minecraft\bin but in .minecraft\saves.

    Where is your Minecraft folder? If you’re on a PC, the one created by the official Minecraft launcher is always in \Users\You\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft, and you’ll find your world saves in \saves.

    I’m guessing your old worlds are in some other Minecraft directory elsewhere on your system?

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