A more efficient mob pushing redstone circuit?

I am trying to build a mob system where the pistons push the mobs. The screen shot below shows my current design, but I’m thinking there has to be a more space/redstone efficient way to get at this. Or is this as good as it can get?

enter image description here

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    You can make your device smaller if you replace the piston with a sticky piston and put it in place of the top torch.

    Put a block on it and you are done:

    As ratchet freak said, you can cut the redstone use by adding a block.

    Also, by alternating repeaters and single bits of redstone dust, you can cut your redstone usage by 1 per unit on average:

    Finally, if you are pushing 3 block tall mobs rather than 2 block tall mobs, you can use an even more efficient system using tripwires shown here:

    This increases the iron requirement per cell to 2 but cuts the redstone down to only one.

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