How to detect the winner

I’m trying to make a minigame I already mentioned in other questions of mine. I think I got all the commands except one. I need a command block to return true when there is only one player left and that’ll end the game. I haven’t tried anything yet because I have no idea how to […]

Technic Launcher broken in Windows 8

My Technic Lanucher does not start. It just has the screen that says “Technic Launcher”. There is no .techniclauncher folder created, and I have to kill the process with task manager. There are no Windows 8 graphic drivers for my computer and I am using the latest version of Java. Why is this happening? EDIT: […]

How Large is the Wurm Client?

The game client download from the Wurm Online site appears to be a downloader. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell the filesize of the actual game client. Does anyone know roughly how big it is?

What font is used in Pokemon X and Y?

It is mostly used in subtitles and in the credits. Here the example:

Why can't I move when I join a server?

Whenever I try to move from my spawn point I’m instantly pushed back to my spawn point. In the chat it says I must login to my account even though I’m already logged in. I even confirmed everything and secured my Mojang account. Please help!

mods folder isn't in .minecraft

I have Windows 10 and when I go to look in my .minecraft folder in the AppData folder, the mods folder is not there. How can I find the mods folder?

Can we use funneling while using GOwipe?

I really need to know since I have started using GOwipe and heard about funneling that can we combine the GOwipe and funneling and can funnel troops like P.E.K.K.A using Golem in place of Gaints? Please help me if someone know. Thanks!

Where and how do I get all the armor?

To satisfy the dark impulses of completionism in me, I want to look upon my complete hoard of armor and declare “It is good.” But first, I need that hoard of armor. Where can I find every set of armor? Sub-questions: Is it possible to own every set of armor in a single play-through? What […]

How do you find waterleafs in terraria iOS?

I can’t find a single waterleaf in terraria iOS. I have made many worlds looking for a waterleaf and I can’t find a single one. I even have made my own sand biome with the backround and everything, but after several hours a.f.k, there wasn’t a single waterleaf. And my world was in hardmode. Are […]

Missing destiny taken king download?

We have upgraded from our old PlayStation 3 to a PlayStation 4. We had already been playing The Taken King on the PlayStation 3, but the download is missing from the PlayStation 4 library. It shows the DLCs that we purchased, but not The Taken King. How do we get The Taken King to show, […]

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